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surface contamination

Group of products designed to perform fast measurement of surface contamination by alpha- and beta- emitting radionuclides. Could be used at permanent and temporary check-points to control contamination of hands, clothes, objects in case of emergencies at NPPs, for NORMs control at oil&gas, mineral processing industries, as a part of mobile response laboratories and vehicles. The primary purpose is to provide prompt estimation of the degree of contamination and/or sort large number of people within a very short time in a harsh environment. These products could be customized to solve various customer needs, such as floor and wall contamination measurement, whole body monitoring, small articles checking etc.


The new Micasensor™ model miCont-130 is easy to use compact and versatile surface contamination monitor designed for simultaneous search and measurement of alpha- and beta- contamination of personnel and belongings leaving controlled and supervised zones or measuring contamination of people and objects leaving contaminated area after an accident. Read more


The miHands-21 hands/foot and surface contamination monitor is an ultimate tool to perform fast measurements of surface contamination by alpha and beta emitting radionuclides on foot, hands and cuffs. The unique operational advantage of the miHands-21 is ability to detail contamination as low as 5 by 5 cm square areas due to the use of multiple smaller individual detectors housed in one large probe. Read more