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miSense-1000 Mobile Emergency responSe laboratory

  • miCont-130
  • miCont-130
  • miCont-130
  • miCont-130

Functional Highlights

  • Fast deployable, ready for immediate operation
  • Customizable to meet particular customer's needs
  • Equipped with professional certified instrumentation
  • 20 years + expertise in radiation detection and monitoring

Typical Applications

  • Emergency response at early stages of nuclear accidents
  • Mobile checkpoints and perimeter control
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Radon and thoron progeny measurement
  • Demolition monitoring
  • Effluent releases monitoring
  • Description

    miSense-1000 are custom-made products based on mobile chassis (user selectable MAN, Mercedes, Ford etc.), or 20/40 feet containers designed to solve specific tasks related to radioactive airborne particulate concentration and surface contamination measurement. Designed for use as early warning and emergency response solutions in the areas where the risk of accidents involving radioactive airborne emissions by alpha, beta and gamma radioactive isotopes is elevated. For the primary use by first responders, nuclear power plants, fire brigades, environment protection agencies. Mobile laboratories can be customized to meet various needs and concepts of operation.

    The typical set of equipment includes continuous air monitors (CAMs), diffusion aerosol spectrometers, radioactive iodine monitors, set of personal protective equipment – internal and external radiation dosimeters with the dose accounting system, surface contamination detectors – the complete list of devices to achieve established objectives and at the same time protect personnel.

  • Operation

    While measuring, all detectors inside miSense lab are connected into the single network, keeping combined records of measurements before/after decontamination, air concentration, personal exposure measurement etc., which allows keeping the centralized database with pictures and geo-tagged for easy diagnosis and treatment assignment.

    miSense-1000 mobile laboratory can be additionally equipped with mobile fast deployable decontamination equipment, weather station, diesel generators etc.

Recommended Products

miCAM-micro personal CAM/Dosimeter


Compact and lightweight dosimeter of internal exposure caused by inhalation of alpha- and beta- active aerosols.

m-Iodine-101 Radioiodine Monitor


Continuous measurement of volumetric activity of radioactive iodine isotopes in both molecular and organic forms contained in air of working areas

Filters and Cartridges

filters and cartridges

PTFE membrane air filters (rolls and individual cards)and radioiodine collection cartridges designed for Micasensor™ equipment