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airborne activity monitoring

Group of products designed for detection and measurement of airborne radioactive particulates concentration, both NORMs, such as radon and thoron decay progenies, and industrial effluent releases. These products measure both alpha- and beta- radioactive particulates simultaneously and provide warning in case thresholds are exceeded. This group also includes continuous monitors of radio-iodine and other gamma-emitting radionuclides in both molecular and organic forms.

We also provide a range of consumables, such as membrane filters, iodine cartridges etc. for the use with Micasensor™ or similar equipment. Please contact us for more information and quotations.


The Micasensor™ new model m-Iodine-101™ is designed for continuous measurement of volumetric activity of radioactive iodine isotopes (I-131 and I-133) in both molecular and organic forms contained in air of working areas, drawn from stacks and ventilation ducts. In addition, the m-Iodine-101™ evaluates concentration of interfering isotopes and accurately differentiates it from the main measurement channel of radioactive iodine. Background changes are also compensated in a wide range of energies, including high energy nuclides. Read more


The Micasensor™ miCAM-micro is a unique instrument designed for continuous measurement of airborne alpha- and beta- active particulate concentration in the air as well as personal effective dose of internal exposure received due to inhalation of such particulates. This is the smallest of a kind instrument that can be easily placed close to the personal breathing zone and provide accurate measurements in a variety of operation environments. Read more


The Micasensor™ miCAM-100 Continuous Air Monitor belongs to the new generation of instruments designed for continuous measurement of airborne alpha- and beta- active particulate concentration in the air. Due to the use of advanced measurement algorithms and set of flexible user settings, the monitor can be set up to operate in a variety of environmental conditions and perform a wide range of tasks for the users from civil nuclear to medical industries. Read more

Full range of consumables for the Micasensor™ equipment, such as membrane air filters, radioiodine collection filter cartridges etc. Manufactured in various sizes and form factors. Suitable for all industry standard CAMs and iodine monitor equipment. Specially optimized for providing advanced parameters and registration efficiency. Read more