m-Iodine-101 Continuous Iodine Monitor

  • mIodine-101
  • mIodine-101
  • mIodine-101
  • mIodine-101

Functional Highlights

  • Small dimensions and weight, given omni-directional 4 cm led shielding
  • Insensitive to mechanical impacts and cell phone radiation
  • Adjustable counting time intervals for calculation of volumetric activity concentration and thresholds
  • Low cost proprietary charcoal cartridge
  • Support of Modbus-RTU communication protocol for ease of system integration
  • Simple calibration procedure using disc check sources
  • Effluent trapping of both molecular and organic forms of iodine


  • Wide temperature range
  • Proprietary algorithm providing low false alarms rate
  • Wide range of isotopes and background compensation
  • Simultaneous measurement of I-131 and I-133 volumetric activity
  • IP67 housing ingress protection
  • Description

    The Micasensor™ new model m-Iodine-101™ is designed for continuous measurement of volumetric activity of radioactive iodine isotopes (I-131 and I-133) in both molecular and organic forms contained in air of working areas, drawn from stacks and ventilation ducts. In addition, the m-Iodine-101™ evaluates concentration of interfering isotopes and accurately differentiates it from the main measurement channel of radioactive iodine. Background changes are also compensated in a wide range of energies, including high energy nuclides.

    The mechanical design of the device is done to minimize the total weight and dimensions of the device. Given omni-directional 4 cm led shielding the weight of the detection block is less than 50 kg. The m-Iodine-101™ is the single cartridge standard unit with manual cartridge replacement. The spectrometry capability is based on a 1024 channel spectrum analysis, which allows radio iodine isotope localization. The monitor can be mounted on the horizontal surface, wall rack or wheel cart, which allows an easy transport, especially over the stairs and obstacles. As the required size and weight is very small, the Iodine Monitor can be deployed almost everywhere in the nuclear power plant.

    The Micasensor’s m-Iodine-101™ monitor can be used for various applications in the field of air contamination monitoring as well as for work place measurements and effluent releases monitoring.

  • Operation

    An analyzed sample is drawn to the monitor trough the standard G1/2" inlet (optional fittings can be used for the flexible pipes connection) and passes through charcoal cartridge. An industry standard or Micasensor™ proprietary iodine cartridge can be used. The iodine cartridge is monitored by the large volume scintillation detector shielded all around with the 4 cm. led to provide better measurements. The airflow is measured by built-in flow sensor. The m-Iodine-101 also measures pressure and temperature of the air.

    When the cartridge media gets contaminated the monitor automatically sends warning to the data management and operation system. When threshold is exceeded, light and sound alarms go off.

  • Specifications

    Volumetric activity measurement range:
    - 131I
    - 133I

    from 1x10-2 to 1x108 Bq/m3
    from 0.1 to 1x108 Bq/m3
    Minimum detectable activity concentration (MDAC): < 1 Bq/m3 for 1 hour measurement, 60 LPM rate
    Relative measurement error:

    ± 20%
    ± 30%
    Energy range: from 50 keV to 3 MeV
    Airflow rate: from 4 to 75 LPM
    Inlet/outlet connection: G1/2
    Ingress protection: IP67
    Dimensions, mm 400x190x290
    Weight, kg 46
    Communication Interfaces
    Data: RS-485 Modbus, USB, Ethernet
    Analogue: Four analog 4..20 mA user selectable outputs
    Discrete: Four relays: rated voltage 250VAC, rated current 5A
    Optional: wireless Ethernet
    Measurement: pressure, temperature, pressure drop according to filter dust loading
    Calibration: Disc check-sources
    Power Requirements
    Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC
    Power consumption: 20VA
    Temperature range: -20 °C to +60 °C
    Humidity: up to 95% at +35 °C, non-condensing
    Pressure: from 84 to 106,7 kPa

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