• Radiation Detectors
    for Civil Nuclear Industry
    Innovative solutions for airborne particulates measurement, surface contamination with
    alpha & beta active materials, advanced instrumentation for occupational safety and health monitoring
  • Advanced manufacturing
    and custom R&D
    ISO9001 certified manufacturing and OEM for leading industries and customers.
    Innovative solutions in data management, networking and connectivity. Integrated
    solutions for distributed ubiquitous CBRN sensor networks
  • International Services
    and Consulting
    calibration and verification
    x-ray scanners perimeter measurement
    training in ionizing radiation safety
    assistance in equipment selection
    developing concepts of operation

Welcome to Micasensor

We are an innovative company specialized in design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced products in the field of ionizing radiation detection and monitoring. We use the latest technologies and sensor materials, IoT and networked solutions. We provide services related to measurement and detection of ionizing radiation for customers across all countries. We focus on production of reliable quality devices and systems. Our R&D and manufacturing capabilities have been advanced with our partners with more than 25 years experience in developing measuring equipment for civil nuclear industry. Founded in 2017, we have already earned reputation as reliable supplier.

Innovative Development

Development of cutting-edge devices and systems that can withstand severe operating conditions

ISO9000 Manufacturing

ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing and OEM for leading industries and customers

Professional Services

Certified services, custom CONOPS development, training and consulting globally

miCAM-micro™ - Personal Dosimeter of Internal Exposure

The Micasensor new miCAM-micro™ model is a unique instrument designed for the measurement of internal exposure caused by inhalation of alpha- and beta- active aerosols by the worker. It also operates as continuous air monitor and by measuring concentration of radioactive airborne particulates, as well as radon/thoron progeny concentration. This is the smallest of a kind instrument that can be easily placed close to the personal breathing zone and provide accurate measurements in a variety of operation environments.

  • Direct measurement of internal exposure from inhalation
  • Radon/thoron alpha and beta background compensation
  • Optimized for group deployment and system integration
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
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Turn a COMPLEX problem into a PROFESSIONAL solution

Outstanding quality, professional services, more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, superior technology, the best equipment, international projects, excellent communication

Services/Areas of Expertise

NORMs Disposal and Management Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in by product waste streams. Oil & Gas industry
Mining and Mineral Processing System of radiation protection in mines. Monitoring, controlling, data processing and reporting
Environmental Monitoring and Studies Radiological mapping, networked 24/7 sensors, dust and active airborne particulates measurement
Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Prevention of terrorist attacks involving radioactive sources, use of RDDs at public events, airports and checkpoints
Civil Nuclear and Nuclear Power Plants Safety and radiation protection at nuclear power plants (NPPs). Integrated monitoring equipment and reporting
Occupational Safety and Health Occupational exposure to indoor radon and thoron, active airborne particulates monitoring and exposure measurement
Emergency Response to Accidents Developing concept of operations, training of first responders, best practice and international experience