OUR Services

Innovative Development

Development of cutting-edge devices and systems that can withstand severe operating conditions

ISO9000 Manufacturing

ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturing and OEM for leading industries and customers

Professional Services

Certified services, custom CONOPS development, training and consulting globally

Why choose Micasensor ?

Our mission is to enable customers to solve costly problems in a timely and efficient manner, getting quality, performance and cutting-edge knowledge, technology and experience in a complex area related to ionizing radiation. We do custom R&D projects, that involve hardware and software integration, we provide OEM manufacturing for the large corporate customers, we do professional training and consulting projects, and perform certified services globally. Our R&D and manufacturing capabilities have been advanced with our partners with more than 25 years experience in developing measuring equipment for civil nuclear industry. We are innovative and creative with out-of-the box thinking. Our goal is to modernize, automate, ease the process to allow customers to operate efficiently and stay on the cutting-edge.

innovative development

The Micasensor’s research and development (R&D) team includes highly qualified engineers, with expertise in ionizing radiation detection equipment, hardware-software programming and data communication. Thanks to the synergy between such skills and our constant attention for the latest detector materials and technological advancements in the industry, we create the most innovative solutions for smart sensors and for variety of applications.

Due to the highest level of technical understanding, access to the state-of-the-art laboratory and test equipment as well as the location in the R&D techno park we can quickly generate high-quality highly-customized equipment at a fraction of the time and cost it often takes to do this at larger companies.

Our customers are the largest international companies in the industry. Please contact us for any details.


Micasensor™ offers complete range of professional services – consultancy, procedure analysis & design, development, implementation, deployment, support and maintenance. Our consultants provide advice, technical support and management services in various areas related to ionizing radiation. These services include:

  • field support for missions of all kinds with specialized equipment
  • open- and sealed source threat assessments
  • custom on-site procedure development and testing
  • contamination measurements and on-site mapping
  • selection of equipment for solving particular customer tasks
  • any other by customer request

Micasensor’s consulting team is committed to providing customized solution and expertise enabling customers to deal with unaddressed needs and improve their operation preparedness.


Our made-to-order personnel training can be based on standard curriculum of radiation safety officer or be designed based on particular customer needs. We share the best practices in the field of radiation protection, following the international regulation and safety standards (such as ICRP, IAEA) as well as local in-site regulation (e.g. U.S.NRC). We adjust the training program to match the local operating procedures and equipment available at customer’s site.

The training may involve classroom as well as field scenario exercises, may focus on providing practical skills in equipment use, or be of theoretical type in safety regulation and procedural development. Please contact us for more information and custom curriculum development.

oem manufacturing

As a specialized developer of detector’s electronics, the Micasensor production engineers are familiar with all manufacturing life-cycle of products that are extremely sensitive measurement devices, that are not readily available off-the-shelf elsewhere. We are an ISO 9001 certified company and can ensure quality all the way long from project beginning to product delivery. We ensure process and component excellence and have strict standards.

Our goal is to provide high quality, innovative products at affordable prices.

Services/Areas of Expertise

NORMs Disposal and Management Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in by product waste streams. Oil&gas industry.
Mining and Mineral Processing System of radiation protection in mines. Monitoring, controlling, processing and reporting. Equipment selection.
Environmental Monitoring and Studies Radiological mapping, networked 24/7 detectors, dust and airborne particulates measurement.
Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Prevention of terrorist attacks involving radioactive sources, use of RDDs at public events, airports and checkpoints.
Occupational Safety and Health Occupational exposure to indoor radon and thoron, active airborne particulates monitoring and exposure measurement.
Emergency responce to Accidents Development concept of operations, training of first responders, best practice and international experience.
Civil Nuclear and Nuclear Power Plants Safety and radiation protection at nuclear power plants (NPPs). Integrated monitoring equipment and reporting.