miCAM-100 Continuous Air Monitor

  • miCAM-100
  • miCAM-100
  • miCAM-100
  • miCAM-100

Functional Highlights

  • Radon/thoron alpha and beta background compensation
  • Built-in flow meter and proportional valve
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Advanced algorithm for accurate activity concentration measurement
  • Proprietary low-cost filter media

Communication Interfaces

  • 2 isolated RS-485 Modbus-RTU, RS-232
  • 3 isolated analog outputs, 0/4..20 mA
  • 4 user programmable SPDT relays
  • Ethernet TCP/IP

Typical Applications

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Nuclear fuel cycle industry and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Occupational safety and workplace monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Uranium mining and mineral processing
  • Description

    The Micasensor’s miCAM-100™ Continuous Air Monitor is the new generation of instruments designed for accurate measurement of airborne alpha and beta particulate activity and estimation of radon equilibrium equivalent concentration (EEC) in the air. The monitor allows setting up two thresholds for every measuring channel and alarms when thresholds are exceeded.

    The monitor is designed for autonomous 24/7 operation and needs minimum service and maintenance. An industry standard Millipore® filter or Micasensor proprietary 35mm x 12m membrane filter rolls can be used. The measuring results are displayed on a high-contrast LCD located on the front panel and can be accessed remotely using industry standard RS-485 Modbus-RTU interface. This makes miCAM-100™ ideal choice for unattended operations and system integration.

    Due to the use of advanced peak-fitting algorithms, the miCAM-100™ accurately subtracts radon/thoron progeny background to achieve very low false alarms rate. The gamma background can be subtracted by means of optional dedicated detector. Advanced averaging algorithm and set of two thresholds provide the robust configuration options for the user to adjust the miCAM-100™ settings to various operation environments, from occupational workplace monitoring to the use at nuclear power facilities. Mobile wheel-cart mounted version for easy transport, especially over the stairs and obstacles is also an option.

    The miCAM-100™ can also be used in combination with Micasensor MS-2702M Diffusion Aerosols Spectrometer for proper estimation of particulate size distribution and more accurate measurement of inhalation dose and/or equilibrium equivalent radon concentration.

  • Operation

    An aerosol sample is drawn to the monitor trough the standard G 1/2" inlet (optional fittings can be used for the flexible pipes connection) and deposited on filter media. An industry standard or Micasensor™ proprietary 35mm x 12m filter rolls can be used. The filter media is monitored by the large area PIPS (passivated ion-implanted planar silicon) detector which measures both alpha and beta activity collected on filter surface simultaneously. The airflow is measured by built-in flow sensor and air-sampling rate may be set up by the miCAM-100™ and maintained constant during operation by electronic proportional valve.

    The miCAM-100™ also measures pressure and temperature of the air. When the filter media gets contaminated it automatically moves one frame forward and measurement continues. When threshold is exceeded, light and sound alarms go off.

  • Specifications

    airborne activity concentration measurement range:
    - alpha
    - beta

    from 1x10-2 to 5x106 Bq/m3
    from 5x10-2 to 1x107 Bq/m3
    Radon equilibrium equivalent concentration in the air indication range: 1x10-1 to 5x106 Bq/m3
    Intrinsic error, alpha measurement, in a range:
    from 1x10-2 to 1 Bq/m3
    from 1 to 5x106 Bq/m3

    ± 30%
    ± 15%
    Intrinsic error, beta measurement, in a range:
    from 5x10-2 to 1x10-1 Bq/m3
    from 1x10-1 to 1 Bq/m3
    from 1 to 1x107 Bq/m3

    ± 50%
    ± 30%
    ± 15%
    Enegry range:
    - alpha
    - beta

    from 3 to 9 MeV
    from 50 keV to 3 MeV
    Airflow rate: from 15 to 75 LPM
    Background Compensation
    Gamma background compensation: Fixed background subtraction with calibration factor for beta channel. Optional: compensation detector for automatic subtraction
    Radon/thoron progeny: Alpha Peak-shape-fitting algorithm for automatic radon background compensation
    Communication Interfaces
    Data: 2 isolated RS-485 Modbus, RS-232, Ethernet
    Analogue: Four analog 4..20 mA user selectable outputs
    Discrete: Four relays: rated voltage 250VAC, rated current 5A
    Optional: wireless Ethernet
    Self-tests and Diagnostics: Built-in LED Response Check
    Calibration: Electro-plated stainless steel sources
    Power Requirements
    Power supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC
    Power consumption: 30VA
    Temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C
    Humidity: up to 95% at +35 °C, non-condensing
    Size (detection block only): 383х251х300 mm
    Weight: 14 kg
    Ingress protection: IP65

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