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About Usmicasensor ltd.

We are an innovative company specialized in design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced products in the field of ionizing radiation detection and monitoring

Founded in 2017 we already became a known as a reliable partner, supplier and professional service provider to nuclear, research and environmental customers worldwide.

We employ an international team of talented and qualified physicists, chemists, engineers and software developers. Our R&D and manufacturing capabilities have been advanced with our partners with more than 25 years experience in developing measuring equipment for civil nuclear industry. Our instruments are designed with the ease of integration into customer’s existing systems in mind and using state-of-the-art technologies, networkability and innovative sensor materials. We follow customer needs, the latest international IAEA regulation, and incorporate our experience into the advanced and innovative products.

Applications include but are not limited to measuring airborne active particulates at NPPs, radon and progeny at mining and ore processing, NORMs residuals and waste at petroleum industry, health and occupational safety, environmental and work place monitoring, emergency response to accidents etc.

We also provide professional services and training, custom R&D of sensor systems and detection networks, as well as OEM manufacturing of equipment related to radiological, toxic industrial and biological threats detection.

Our long-term growth strategy is to develop capacity to sell integrated solutions for professional markets (civil nuclear, security, medical, industrial) worldwide, which involves innovative products, wireless networks and online data management, reliable concepts of operation, training and technical support over the product lifetime.

- Alexander Gordeev, CEO.

Services/Areas of Expertise

NORMs Disposal and Management Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in by product waste streams. Oil & Gas industry
Mining and Mineral Processing System of radiation protection in mines. Monitoring, controlling, data processing and reporting
Environmental Monitoring and Studies Radiological mapping, networked 24/7 sensors, dust and active airborne particulates measurement
Public Safety and Critical Infrastructure Prevention of terrorist attacks involving radioactive sources, use of RDDs at public events, airports and checkpoints
Occupational Safety and Health Occupational exposure to indoor radon and thoron, active airborne particulates monitoring and exposure measurement
Emergency Response to Accidents Developing concept of operations, training of first responders, best practice and international experience
Civil Nuclear and Nuclear Power Plants Safety and radiation protection at nuclear power plants (NPPs). Integrated monitoring equipment and reporting