miCAM-microPersonal dosimeter of Internal Exposure

  • miCAM-micro
  • miCAM-micro
  • miCAM-micro
  • miCAM-micro
  • miCAM-micro

Functional Highlights

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Direct measurement of internal exposure from inhalation
  • Optimized for group deployment and system integration
  • Online radon/thoron compensation
  • Low-cost filter media

Typical Applications

  • Occupational safety and workplace monitoring
  • Uranium mining and mineral processing
  • Nuclear fuel cycle industry and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Environmental studies
  • Emergency response
  • Description

    The miCAM-micro is designed as a personal dosimeter of internal exposure caused by inhalation of alpha- and beta- active aerosols. It also operates as continuous air monitor (CAM) by measuring volume activity of radioactive airborne particulates as well as Potential Alpha Energy Concentration (PAEC) of Ra-222 and Ra-220 daughters in real time and providing audio and visual alarms when preset thresholds are exceeded. The miCAM-micro is invaluable in applications where the individual monitoring of personal inhalation exposure is needed: in controlled areas of nuclear power plants, mines and ore processing industry, as emergency monitors in case of accidents etc.

    The dosimeter has compact and lightweight design, which allows carrying it in the breathing zone of a person during performance of regular duties. The miCAM-micro continuously samples air drawn to the detector head and measures alpha and beta particulate activity deposited on filter media. The advanced measurement algorithm then calculates the personal exposure received by the operator during his work hours.

    The miCAM-micro is supplied with individual or group charger/dock station. When placed in the dock the instrument automatically charges the battery and transfers all collected data to the PC or centralized personnel exposure management system using industry standard RS-485 Modbus RTU interface. This makes miCAM-micro the ideal solution for the group use and system integration.

  • Operation

    The miCAM-micro is designed for autonomous operation and needs minimum service and maintenance. For automatic checking of detector functionality it is equipped with built-in checking LED, thus no any additional check sources are needed during the use. For the annual calibration the set of electro-plated stainless-steel sources can be used. The IP67 plastic case of the miCAM-micro is ragged and designed for use in severe industrial environments and ease of decontamination. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides for day-long continuous operation.

  • Specifications

    Airborne activity concentration measurement range:
    - alpha
    - beta

    from 0.1 to 1x107 Bq/m3
    from 2 to 1x107 Bq/m3
    Radon equilibrium equivalent concentration in the air indication range: 1x10-1 to 2x106 Bq/m3
    Intrinsic error, alpha measurement, in a range:
    from 0.1 to 5 Bq/m3
    from 5 to 1 Bq/m7

    ± 50%
    ± 15%
    Intrinsic error, beta measurement, in a range:
    from 2 to 10 Bq/m3
    from 10 to 107 Bq/m3

    ± 50%
    ± 15%
    Energy range:
    - alpha
    - beta

    from 2.5 to 10 MeV
    from 100 keV to 2.5 MeV
    Committed effective dose of internal exposure measurement range:
    - alpha (Pu-239)
    - beta (Sr-Y-90)

    from 3 µSv to 10 Sv
    from 0.15 µSv to 1.5 Sv
    Intrinsic error, effective dose measurement, alpha:
    from 3 to 50 µSv
    from 50 µSv to 10 Sv

    ± 50%
    ± 15%
    Intrinsic error, effective dose measurement, beta:
    from 0.15 to 10 µSv
    from 10 µSv to 1.5 Sv

    ± 50%
    ± 15%
    Airflow rate, not less: 1.2 LPM
    Data interfaces: RS-485 Modbus, USB
    Self-tests and Diagnostics: Built-in LED Response Check
    Calibration: Electro-plated stainless steel sources
    Membrane filter type: Ø25 mm, Alpha-Spectra-d25
    Temperature range: -20 °C to +50 °C
    Humidity: up to 95%, non-condensing
    Pressure: from 84 to 106.7 kPa
    Size: 57x80x164 mm
    Weight: 490 g
    Ingress protection (excluding air sampling): IP65

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