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airborne activity monitoring

Group of products designed for detection and measurement of airborne radioactive particulates concentration, including NORMs, radon and thoron decay daughters and industrial – effluent releases. These instruments measure alpha- beta- and gamma- emitting radionuclides and provide warning in case thresholds are exceeded. The instruments can be fixed-installed systems, working in 24/7 mode, transportable – placed on carts and trolleys, and personal – designed for exact measurement of inhalation exposure of personnel during workload. Read more

These products are designed to perform fast measurement of surface contamination by alpha- and beta- emitting radionuclides. Could be used at permanent and temporary check-points to control contamination of hands, clothes, objects in case of emergencies at NPPs, for NORMs control at oil&gas, mineral processing industries, as a part of mobile response laboratories and vehicles. The primary purpose is to provide prompt estimation of the degree of contamination and/or measure large number of people within a very short time in a harsh environment. These products could be customized to solve various needs, such as floor and wall contamination measurement, whole body monitoring, small articles checking etc. Read more

Group of products designed to measure the airborne particle size distribution and concentration levels in monitored air. Such products could be used in combination with airborne radioactivity monitors for better estimation of inhalation exposure of personnel, determining the efficiency of filtration systems at NPPs and mining industry, workplace and environmental air studies, or atmospheric research. The products are based on diffusion detector, has ultra-high sensitivity and resolution and are easy to use. Read more

These are custom-made products based on mobile chassis (user selectable MAN, Mercedes, Ford etc.), or 20/40 feet containers designed to solve specific tasks related to ionizing radiation measurement. Usually used as mobile monitoring solutions in the NPPs areas for airborne alpha- beta- concentration measurement, or as emergency response, in case of accidents, where the need of fast estimation of surface contamination, use of personal protective equipment, the need of decontamination, medical diagnosis due to overexposure is needed. Read more